Welcome to my ENS 111 portfolio

My name is Kyra O’Connor, and I am a student in Environmental Science 111. And this is my portfolio.

Have you ever wondered more about the world around you? I do too! That’s why when I was looking for classes last semester, I chose environmental science as my lab science class, because I wanted to know more about the environment and my place within it.

Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad you’re here. If you want to learn more about me, scroll down to my picture for my About Me page. Curious about what I did in environmental science? Click any of my projects. Not sure where to go first? You’re in the right place. This landing page will give you plenty to be curious about, and you can go from there.

Welcome to my discoveries…

What’s happening in the Haw River? I connected some of environmental concerns in the Haw River to my own life. Click here to see.
Haw River, Connection Points https://kyraoconnor.com/ens-111-portfolio-haw-river-connection-points/
For Unit 1, my group decided to make a solar campaign for Elon University. Want to check out our website?
Solar Project Solar Project – Kyra O’Connor (kyraoconnor.com)
Want to learn more about social structures present in environmental science? So did I! That’s why in Unit 3, I chose to read Environmental Racism. Click here to learn more.
Book Review Unit 3 Book Review, Unit 3 – Kyra O’Connor (kyraoconnor.com)
What are cognitive biases? Are they really all bad? I explored those questions in one of my assignments. Take a look here.
What are Cognitive Biases? What are cognitive biases? – Kyra O’Connor (kyraoconnor.com)
Do you know what PFAS is? I didn’t either, but I learned a lot about it in Unit 2, and now I’ll share what I know with you!
PFAS Group Project PFAS Group Project – Kyra O’Connor (kyraoconnor.com)

Kyra O’Connor (that’s me!) during my senior year of high school. I was Editor-in-Chief of my school’s news magazine, and this is my posing with my favorite edition, the Harry Potter issue.
About Me About Me, ENS 111 – Kyra O’Connor (kyraoconnor.com)