PFAS Group Project

I chose to showcase my group project for our What’s in the Water, Unit 2, because I loved our end result. Something I noticed in Unit 1 was how much fun it was to see everyone’s different ways to share their work and their ideas. No two people has the same ideas or takeaways from the unit, and I think our Unit 2 project really exemplifies that. Another proud moment from this project is that we were chosen by the Clean Haw River project to showcase our work and help community members understand PFAS a lot better.

I love design. I think design is such an easy thing to overlook when you are talking about something as in-depth and complex as PFAS, but in all honesty, it is even more important than any other time. That’s why when we were dividing up the work for our project, I offered to design our posters. In order for people to want to look at your information, you need to make it engaging. You need to ensure that the design is readable, easy to understand, and well organized. The design should aid every aspect of your mission. In our case, we wanted to make sure our posters addressed every level of knowledge when it came to PFAS in Pittsboro. If you’re just starting out, we have a poster to help you eliminate common household items that have PFAS. If you are looking more deeply into human health concerns, we have a poster with accredited sources. I tried to design each poster with these purposes in mind, as well as our overall mission, to educate and combat misinformation.