About Me

Hello, my name is Kyra O’Connor and I am a multimedia journalist.

One week before I started high school, I covered my first presidential debate. As a Scholastic Kid Reporter, I wrote about the 2016 election, talking to both candidates and the kids across Ohio who believed in them. Before working with Scholastic, I changed my dream job every day. But after reporting on politics, sports injuries, local charities and members of my community, it was clear: I was meant to be a storyteller.

As a junior at Elon University, I am studying journalism and business. I serve as the Executive Director of Elon News Network, our student-run news outlet. I also write and take photos in my role as a student worker for Today at Elon, the university news website.

During my time at Elon, I have been able to take on leadership roles, helping others write and produce content in my role as Enterprise Story Coordinator at Elon News Network, and in editing stories for our weekly paper, The Pendulum, as a copy editor. As Executive Director, I run ENN’s website, overseeing all content and publishing to the website daily.

Writing has always been my solace. I feel fortunate to have found something I love so dearly that I can take and put into a career, as well. It is my hope to continue telling stories for the rest of my life; it would be a privilege to do so.

Have any questions? Have a tip or lead for a story? Please do not hesitate to reach out. Till then, keep on writing.