Solar Project

I really love research and for our final group project, I was able to not only research but culminate the research into a website. I really love web design, so putting my passion of research together with web design allowed me to lean into my strengths on a topic I did not know much about.

I researched how the solar industry impacts both the country and the state of North Carolina. This was not a topic I knew very much about, so in all honesty, it started with Google searches and looking on social media. Despite the unconventional first trials, I found some great websites talking about the impact solar energy has on the job market. For me, I am always looking for the tangible, and jobs are an experience most people have and understand the importance of. By focusing my research on the tangible, I think I added just another layer of relatability to our project as a whole, and made it easier to connect and want to get involved.

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