Dear Elon

It is just over two weeks since I graduated from Magna Cum Laude Elon University with a Bachelors of Arts degree in journalism and business administration. In the time since I graduated, I celebrated with friends, family and mentors, I moved out of my first adult apartment to spend some time at home, and IContinue reading “Dear Elon”

Covering Trauma: Being the not-so-typical first responder

We focused on column writing the last few class periods of this semester. While I have never written a column, the process felt cathartic. It was a structured version of the writing I often do for myself, which is often narrative, poetry and creative work in one of over 40 filled notebooks. Our assignment wasContinue reading “Covering Trauma: Being the not-so-typical first responder”

As vaccines become more available, a lack of data could curb hope

To see my thoughts on this piece, check out my reflection post here: Writing about vaccines proves a service to community and to self – Kyra O’Connor ( One year after the COVID-19 pandemic started, vaccine efforts are bringing hope to university and town community members alike in Elon, North Carolina. But the lack ofContinue reading “As vaccines become more available, a lack of data could curb hope”

Writing about home is complicated, reporter says

One of my favorite classes of the semester was hearing from Pulitzer Center reporters Jenna Kunze and Alice Qannik Glenn. All I want to do with my life is write stories like they do, stories that really touch people’s lives and educate people on things they might not have known about otherwise. Listening to theContinue reading “Writing about home is complicated, reporter says”

Writing about vaccines proves a service to community and to self

Through class assignments I was able to dig into many angles of the vaccine rollout process If you had asked me a year ago what I would be writing about during my sophomore year of college, I would not have said vaccines. No one saw this past year coming, and it has changed our worldContinue reading “Writing about vaccines proves a service to community and to self”

Reflecting on the halfway point…

This semester seems simultaneously like the longest and most fast-paced semester of college yet. As a sophomore in my second semester, this is not just the halfway point of the spring semester itself, but of my collegiate career, as well.  Typing these words feels surreal, as I remember a time last year where I couldContinue reading “Reflecting on the halfway point…”