Week two in review

Two weeks into my time in Arizona and I already can tell: I definitely like it here. 

The 2022 Carnegie-Knight News21 Fellows cohort.

Right now, we are in the pre-reporting and research phase of our ten week project. I spend most of my days in “Bureau North,” reading about transparency and accountability within policing, speaking with experts and collaborating with my teammates. I love speaking with experts: from journalists and academics to lawyers and legislators, every person we have spoken to brings more to our project than we ever thought possible. 

This week, I have utilized the pomodoro technique, and noticed a significant change in my productivity at work each day. The pomodoro technique involves completely focused work for a certain amount of time (my favorites are 30 minutes and 50 minutes), followed by a break in which the user is recommended to do something mindfully. Many of the videos I utilize have a person studying in them, giving the semblance of someone else working alongside you, and have instrumentals in the background, for maximized productivity. This technique has really helped me stay focused and, as an added bonus, allows me to track how efficiently I am working each day. I track my productivity on a Google Spreadsheet, where I write out the task I am working on, the time it took to complete it and the next steps I need to take following the completion of the task. 

I have also been endeavoring into a healthier lifestyle while here in Arizona. The extra water intake necessary to be here reminded me of how important it is to take stock of what I’m eating, how much sleep I am getting and my exercise. As with anything else, establishing new goals and rituals takes time. But with each day, I am feeling more grounded in this healthier lifestyle, and see the benefits. 

Check back next week to hear more about my Arizona adventure!