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Covering university finances

Elon University, Zach Ohmann

Throughout my three years at Elon, I covered the university financial situations throughout the pandemic and in the aftermath.

For more coverage, see:

Elon University tuition increase for upcoming academic year remains unclear

Elon University board of trustees considers tuition increase for upcoming academic year

Administrators outline possible 5% budget reduction

Elon University students eligible to receive CARES Act funds

Covering the Elon University faculty union

Catherine Bush, former adjunct professor at Elon University. Anton Delgado

Elon University’s faculty union, Elon Faculty Forward, became a recognized faculty union in 2021. For my coverage on the faculty union, see:

Elon University to bargain with faculty union

Faculty groups respond to NLRB decision in support of union

National Labor Relations Board rules in favor of Elon University non-tenure track faculty members’ right to form union

Elon faculty forward union proposes ‘Humane Budget’ to university

SEIU files charges against Elon University on behalf of former adjuncts

Covering Graham, NC

Protesters vacating the road after law enforcement told them to vacate. Law enforcement pepper sprayed and tear gassed marchers to disperse the crowd. Kyra O’Connor

In the weeks leading up to the election and the year following, Graham, NC became the center of debate and politics in Alamance County.

For more coverage, see:

Looking back a year later: March to the Polls on Oct. 31, 2020

ELN: One Year Since March to the Polls Protest in Graham, NC

At semiweekly Occupy Graham demonstration, three people arrested

Occupy Graham demonstrators gather following verdict on George Floyd’s murder

Occupy Graham demonstrators gather for a second night to protest shooting of Andrew Brown Jr.

Peaceful march to the polls in Graham following Saturday’s attempt to march

Multiple marchers arrested, pepper sprayed in Graham at march for voting rights and justice